Getting My एक लाख साल पहले To Work

Most humbly i want advised that our faculty u.m.s jariyabagi .all para Instructor will not be colified for teching and never experience intrance Examination but teaching proceeds right after five year .

I will settle for with you It'll obtain More Taxes ,but given that two months as a result of lossess happened IT, Significant Organization halt within the country much more than 60%, Truthfully genuinely Examine with unbiased Auditing people today , they are going to expose.

. sir me bolna chahti hu ki mere yaha drainage program nhi h .. authorities dwara paisa ane par b koi mukhiya nhi karwa rha h yaha drain .. sir hm nirsa bangalpara me rhte h r koi iska samadan chahte h

The bubbles have now coalesced plus the economic system is introduced to its authentic location and price (some additional stringency needless to say will validate if there is absolutely no additional bubble during the method) and as a consequence econmy would consider some to consider off from this ‘authentic foundation’.

Cancer of corruption has got to conclude,Sooner is better for our future era to are in corruption absolutely free India

-It's got crippled just about every aspect of India’s financial system. One of several worst strike is the agricultural space exactly where sixty% of India’s workforce is. farmers can't provide their make as selling prices have crashed and transporting create cannot be finished because of Vehicles refusing to maneuver generate.

2. Who acquired the last word benefit from Demonetization – BJP. The many politicians arrived and underneath scanner because, they Transformed their currency in crores and federal government is effectively aware about this thing. But show me, what number of got arrested?

Reply Indian February 12, 2017 at 6:56 pm Sir India is a huge state of a hundred twenty five crs individuals and with stronge agriculture as an alternative to concentrating on program and administration this Be aware ban infact has damaged crores of on likely Employment who will repay it its very substantial? We dont have that kind of Highly developed infrastructures which this type of Notice ban requires today even developed nations around the world didnt do this sort of shift. Are you aware of when United states changed its expenses the quantity of years back? United states nevertheless has highest Invoice of a hundred only? Indian currency wasn't the issue this is proved even just after Take note ban nowadays that RBI has explained to that there is just one% of black funds in india than why was this shift essential which killed about a hundred and fifty ppl devoid of bullet?

Reply Mithun November twenty five, 2016 at 8:29 pm Descent notion in the short term – even though it is not likely that the folks in addition to the black funds food stuff chain are impacted, within the really least, it’ll deal a robust blow to terrorists, Maoists, drug rackets other anti social rackets, etc. Negative idea in the long term Except if adopted up by further likewise drastic policy adjustments.

जी हाँ , आपको आश्चर्य हो रहा होगा यह सुनकर लेकिन यह click here बिलकुल सही सरकारी नियम है , उदहारण के तौर पर अगर किसी की सालाना आय क्रमशः पहले दूसरे और तीसरे साल चार लाख पांच लाख और छः लाख है तो उसकी औसत आय पांच लाख का दस गुना मतलब पचास लाख रूपए उस व्यक्ति के परिवार को सरकार से मिलने का हक़ है।

Reply sir mai dhanbad nirsha anchal aamkura Moura क्या हमारे देवता व पूर्वज एलियंस थे kora kulhi me highway for every bah raha hai permitting ka pani or bala or ka pata Hello nahi CHAL raha hai is flavor se Sam aadmi aa sana Jana durlabh ho gaya hai is per kisi bhi Jan partinidhi je ka dhyan nahi ja raha hai mai kaphi bar mukhmantry jansambad me complain kar CHUKA hu lekin koi sun be wale nahi hai

They know its indicating very properly ……………….but whatever they abide by in its function ,which has been worsened by corruption …misplaced common aid…as a way get again to power neighborhood politics with faith …… and allow a variety of parochial teams to frame modest get-togethers …. and escape that has a consolidated minimum for greater part………. Determine unity in variety on tactical phrases and in many cases share power with explosive fundamentalist and anti-countrywide area political get-togethers…….

You should carefully analyse by traveling to india cautiously current problem, without having dependant upon the media coverage. Only 4% Populace in India are rich, one% are Political traces plus more more than 5% other’s(Film producers, actor’s, CEO ‘s and substantial money category men and women),

मेरी शिकायत डुमरी प्रखण्ड मे होने वाले सरकारी कामो से है सरकारी कर्मचारी मंगलवार और शुक्रवार को छोड़कर बाकी दिंन ऑफिस more info आते ही नहीं है !

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